Office Sex Slave Rachel Chase


Published: March 19th 2012



Office Sex Slave  by  Rachel Chase

Office Sex Slave by Rachel Chase
March 19th 2012 | ebook | PDF, EPUB, FB2, DjVu, audiobook, mp3, ZIP | | ISBN: | 6.25 Mb

When Karis new boss puts her on probation, she agrees to do anything he asks to keep her job. Before long, shes servicing not only him, but his colleagues as well! This 4600-word erotic story includes a domineering boss, spanking, oral sex, anal sex, double penetration, and m/f, f/f, and m/m/f/f action.Excerpt:“Miss Givens?”She almost jumped out of her seat.

Mr. Burns was standing there watching her, and Kari flushed as she wondered if he’d seen her. His hair was rumpled, his tie loosened. Damn, he was sexy. Then her flush deepened as she realized he was still waiting for a response. “Sorry, sir. I was—just thinking about something.”“I asked if you’d finished the Hoskins report yet.”“Oh!” She flipped through the papers scattered across her desk, searching for her notes.

Which one was Hoskins?As if he’d heard her thoughts, he said, “I asked you to have that done by the end of the day.”Kari’s heart sank as she realized it was almost five o’clock. “I’m sorry, sir. I’ll stay late and finish it.”A long pause, and she held her breath. When he spoke, his voice was quiet, too quiet.

“You seem to have … difficulty staying on task, Miss Givens.”“I’m very sorry. I’ve had a lot on my mind lately. Please, sir, I need this job.” She met his eyes, pleading.He looked at her without speaking for long moments. “Come into my office,” he finally said, and turned away. Kari rose and followed him, her heart pounding. [...]She dropped to her knees, desperate, not caring how she looked. “Please, sir! I’ll do anything you say, anything. Only please don’t fire me.”The silence stretched. She was on the verge of tears when he got up and stalked around her to close the door. When she heard the blinds on his windows closing, the hairs rose on the back of her neck and her [privates] went damp.“Such subpar performance cannot be tolerated, Miss Givens.” He spoke from directly behind her, and her [intimate] muscles clenched.“Yes, sir.

I understand, sir.” Her voice was shaking.“Perhaps some discipline will help you focus on your work.”“Discipline, sir?” she squeaked.“Stand up.”She jumped to her feet, and he walked around her, his eyes stripping her bare. She always wore the shortest skirts and lowest-cut blouses the dress code allowed, and now she felt utterly exposed. He came to a stop behind her.“I will make you a deal, Miss Givens.” His breath was warm on her neck, and Kari shivered.

“You accept whatever conditions I impose, without question or complaint, and I will allow your probation to continue for another week.”A deep tremor ran through her. If she said no, she’d never see him again.

“I accept, sir.”“Excellent.” His hand fisted in her hair, and he pulled her head back. “We’ll begin immediately. From now on, you will speak only when I tell you to.” Releasing her, he pushed her forward to bend over the desk. He leaned over her, and she felt his erection against her ass as he stretched out each of her arms, curling her fingers over the far edge of the desk. He stood and yanked up her skirt, exposing her bottom, which was clad only in a thong.

“Don’t move,” he said, and left the office without closing the door.

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