Life Is Fundamentally Management! A. Senthival

ISBN: 9781619030374

Published: February 1st 2012


192 pages


Life Is Fundamentally Management!  by  A. Senthival

Life Is Fundamentally Management! by A. Senthival
February 1st 2012 | Paperback | PDF, EPUB, FB2, DjVu, talking book, mp3, ZIP | 192 pages | ISBN: 9781619030374 | 5.80 Mb

The human mind, from childhood, gets programmed into believing that individual success is paramount compared to everything else, that consumption is king and its okay to win at all costs! This book goes about exploring the very depths of our own mind, its default mode of working, how one may free oneself from the shackles of his own conditioning, and so on. This will help one understand ones own mind as a system. Once a total understanding is gained on how the mind works, inner transformation and personal empowerment are a natural result. The book then takes the reader on an amazing journey of how the consciousness of the individual can be altered, by establishing a contra-distinction between individual thinking patterns and the ways in which nature operates.

This alteration of individual consciousness provides a fascinating blueprint for sustainable living, too! If you believe that the root cause of challenges is the individual mind and if you sincerely want the planet to be on a sustainable course at least till 3012...then this book is definitely for you.

If you plunge into a pool, you cannot escape getting wet. This book is a transformation pool. If you plunge into this book, you will become wet with transformation. The book will dismantle your current sense of who you are and help you reassemble a fresh and wonderful sense of who you are! Yes, you cannot escape the grip of this life-altering book! About the Authors A. Senthivel was born in a village in South India. His father, Athinarayanan, was a truck driver when the author was born.

The father, in spite of the humble social status, was a thinking and compassionate man. The father toiled all his life to give bread and education to his children. Senthivel studied M.A. in English Literature and later co-founded Frontier Holidays. After identifying his uniqueness, Senthivel gave up his career in tourism and is now involved full-time in conducting life transformation workshops. Senthivels attempt at freeing himself from the debilitating grip of his conditioning helped him align his thought process to the natural laws that operate life! Lives in Bangalore with his beloved wife Bharathi, and sons Kartik and Aadhi.

E-mail: [email protected] Govind Babu An Engineer, MBA and a corporate IT professional with over 18 yrs of experience, worked in Singapore and USA. While working as a Vice President of an American company he experienced profound life transformation after which he co-founded Aligned Living along with Senthivel. Aligned Living now conducts life transformation workshops for the Corporate and individuals globally.

Lives with wife Renupriya and sons Akshat and Anshul in Bangalore, India. email: [email protected]

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