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A Forest Full Of Monkeys  by  Giuseppe Albero

A Forest Full Of Monkeys by Giuseppe Albero
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My name is Giuseppe Albero and once upon a time I was a regular, dissatisfied, and restless young man. That was until one day in October, or perhaps in November, of 1970. It was late in the morning and I was doing my best to follow a lecture in a dreadfully overcrowded, stifling hot, and acoustically quite disappointing classroom, when all of a sudden it dawned on me that I could do what I wanted to do and not what I was being told I had to do.

Soon after that mind-boggling, liberating revelation I left Naples in Italy, where I had been born on the 17th of January 1951. I had no idea of where I was going, but nevertheless I wanted to go. It was the beginning of a globetrotting life thats more or less continuing to this day. I have had so far a fascinating and occasionally exceedingly intense and chaotic time. There have been stratospheric ups and hellish downs and at one point or another, during the ups and downs, I reached agreements and had conflicts with all sorts of people from the lowest of the low to the highest of the high, along with many of those caught between the two extremes.

At times it has been pure magic, at others it has been tragic. One more thing: Women, for some obscure reason, find me attractive and this to some may sound like a blessing, but a blessing it is not. Being pulled in different directions at the same time can be very confusing, and if the pulling gains strength it can become quite painful.

In A FOREST FULL OF MONKEYS you can read some of my adventure. Most of them takes place in India and the Far East, some in Europe, and there is a bit about the three years I was in California. Where it was necessary names have been changed.G. Albero

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